Weddings are important events in the legacy of a family. When Wilma’s grandson, Nathanial, proposed to his girlfriend, she was excited to attend another family wedding. Wilma’s family includes her two sons, Dale and Terry, four grandchildren and now five great-grandchildren. She added three great-grandkids to her family when Nathanial got married. She was anxiously waiting for the big day for months. Time was flying by and the wedding was just a few months away. Nathanial’s mom, who is also Wilma’s caregiver was starting to wonder how she would help Nathanial and his bride-to-be decorate the day of the wedding and get Wilma ready for the big event. That’s when Amie, Endless Journey Social Worker, had a thought, maybe Dreamweaver Foundation could help, so she nominated Wilma in hopes her dream would be fulfilled.

Wilma has always had an independent spirit. She retired from Burger King after dedicating 30 years! She did everything from taking orders to cooking the Whooper sandwiches. People. That’s what made Wilma enjoy her years at Burger King. She loved waking up every day knowing she was going to work, serving the good people of Omaha.

After a few months of planning, the week before the wedding arrived. Dream Coordinator, Ashley, stopped by to present Wilma with her wedding outfit from Von Maur. She looked and felt beautiful in her red and accented black jacket with her black dress pants. Her new outfit matched the wedding colors and décor perfectly!

The morning of the wedding wasn’t just busy for her grandson and granddaughter-in-law, Wilma was busy being pampered! It started with a manicure by Verdeen her Endless Journey Hospice nurse. A few hours later, Carrie another Endless Journey Hospice nurse curled Wilma’s hair, put a little makeup on to enhance her beauty and dress her in the new outfit. Finally, it was time to leave for the wedding. It was a gorgeous day for an October wedding 65 degrees and no wind!

Midwest Medical escorted Wilma and Carrie to Starlight Chateau. Wilma arrived just in time for pictures. Throughout the evening, so many family members came to catch up with Wilma, she was having a great time.

Susan, Wilma’s daughter-in-law, reported, Carrie was awesome. We couldn’t have done it without Dreamweaver Foundation. The whole family is appreciative for what you gave us. “Having grandma there made Nathanial’s wedding, it was the topper on the cake.”

Even weeks after the wedding, Wilma is still talking about how wonderful the wedding was and she is still in disbelief of all the compliments she received. “Everyone keeps telling me I’m so pretty”.

Thank you Von Maur, Midwest Medical, and Endless Journey Hospice for partnering with us to fulfill Wilma’s Dream.