When Dreamweaver Foundation first met Walter, his Dream was simply to go to a Nebraska Cornhusker football game with his family. Little did he know that the Husker Athletics team had much more in store for him! Walter was asked to be the featured veteran of the Veteran’s Day football game on November 5th, 2022, sitting next to the empty seat in Memorial Stadium designated to honor Prisoners of War.

Walter arrived at the stadium early on game day morning, decked out head-to-toe in Husker gear and smiling a mile wide. Prior to the game, Walter and his guests were treated to a VIP tour around the stadium and onto the football field while the players warmed up. There was so much positive energy, celebration, and joy surrounding Walter! 

During the beginning of the first quarter, Walter was honored on the Husker Vision screen for his service in World War II. The almost 85,000 fans in attendance gave him a standing ovation after hearing about his service and bravery. Following the feature honoring Walter, he and his family were escorted to a warm skybox to cheer on the Huskers for the remainder of the game! Even though the weather was cold, and he had been awake since early morning, Walter continued to enjoy the game and root for his team, never losing his big smile. 

Days later, Walter was still telling his friends how grateful he was for the opportunity, not for himself but to stand up in memorial for the men who did not make it home from the war. We are grateful for his service and how he honors the fallen World War II soldiers and all veterans who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. It was truly an honor for the Dreamweaver team to play a part in making Walter’s Dream come true. Thank you, Walter, for your bravery and courage.