Wally is about as easy-going as it gets.  A good steak dinner and a thrilling movie is all he needs for entertainment.

AseraCare Hospice in Grand Island built a relationship with Wally when his wife received their services in 2018.  Wally’s had a tough year with the passing of his wife and his own health struggles with Chronic Kidney Disease, Heart Disease and Congestive Heart Failure.  But, this Marine is tough and pushes through adversity with a smile on his face.

Wally’s dream is simple, just a steak dinner and a movie – things we often take for granted.  It was also important to Wally to have this special time with his daughter Nicole.  It had been nearly four years since he has had one-on-one time with his only daughter.

Their afternoon started off with a delicious lunch at Texas T-Bone.  Wally’s New York Strip was so juicy he told the owner, Bennett Chamness “I didn’t know steaks tasted this good!”  Wally and Bennett bonded, reminiscing about their individual times in the Marine Corp.  After a mouthwatering lunch with the best company a father could ask for, Nicole and Wally headed to watch a movie at AMC Theater, a pastime activity they both share.

Wally and Nicole had such a wonderful time together.  Wally shared, “Dreamweaver Foundation fell into my life, I am so thankful.”

Dreamweaver Foundation would like to thank AseraCare Grand Island, Wedgewood Care and Texas T-Bone for helping us make Wally’s dream come true.