Traveling to Hawaii is on a lot of people’s Bucket Lists.  It’s been on Viva’s list for many, many years.  She always put family before her own desires and wants.

Viva was chatting with her St. Croix Hospice team about her dreams and desires.  A smile came across her face as she mentioned Hawaii was a place she always wanted to visit.  With Viva’s Renal Disease diagnosis, she’s unable to travel at this time.  St. Croix contacted Dreamweaver Foundation in hopes of somehow making Viva’s dream come true.

As Dreamweaver Foundation spoke with Viva about her dream to visit Hawaii, we uncovered the reasons why she wanted a Hawaii vacation.  It wasn’t to have a peaceful getaway but to enjoy the sounds, scents, and tastes of the tropical island.

Dreamweaver Foundation and St. Croix Hospice teamed up to decorate Viva’s home, luau style!  Her home was decorated with bright, flowery colors, even a pig with an apple in his mouth was the table’s centerpiece (no pigs were harmed in the planning of this dream, it was only a cardboard cutout!).

Her home looked like a Hawaiian luau party. Now it was time to smell and hear the sounds of Hawaii.  Early the next morning, VIP Limo transported Viva and family to Lauritzen Gardens.  As they exited the vehicle, Ashley from Dreamweaver Foundation welcomed Viva and family with fresh flower leis from Hawaii. Viva was so surprised!

Before their adventure through the gardens, Amber Lihs Photography captured memorable family photos.  The family really looked like they were in Hawaii on a tropical vacation.  After photos, Viva was anxious to see and smell the tropical plants.  She couldn’t believe all the different types of plants growing in the conservatory.

After a couple of hours, enjoying the plants and warm sunshine.  It was time to head back home for her luau party!  Authentic Hawaiian dishes from Ono Pinay Kitchen filled the room with yummy smells, but also fried chicken from Hy-Vee filled the appetites of Viva’s grandchildren.

She had a wonderful time and couldn’t stop thanking Dreamweaver Foundation for fulfilling her Hawaiian dream.

Dreamweaver Foundation would like to thank VIP Limo, Hy-Vee, Ono Pinay Kitchen and St. Croix Hospice.