Is there anything better than celebrating your birthday with your family and friends? For Virginia, she could think of absolutely nothing better! Knowing that Virginia’s 98th birthday was fast approaching, a Sumner Place employee reached out to Dreamweaver Foundation to assist Virginia in celebrating her big day! The Dream Team swung into action planning Virginia a personalized birthday celebration fit for a queen and featuring one of Virginia’s favorites – butterflies! 

When it came time for Virginia’s party, the activity room at Sumner Place was beautifully decorated and exuded a vibrant party atmosphere. The party decor featured a cascading balloon arch bursting with delicate gold butterflies. Staying with the theme, butterfly balloons, purple and gold butterflies, and a butterfly guest book were scattered around the room to add a special touch to Virginia’s big day.

Since you turn 98 only once, Virginia’s family and friends traveled from all around Nebraska to join in the celebration. Virginia was delighted to see all her loved ones gathered in one location. She was especially thrilled to see her sister since they hadn’t been able to be together in far too long a time. As the party continued and attendees enjoyed a delicious meal and birthday cake, Virginia was busy talking. In fact, there wasn’t a second Virginia wasn’t catching up with one of her loved ones! While gathered together, Virginia also made sure to snap photos with all of her guests!

Virginia is still relishing the day, noting that she “felt like a queen.” When Dreamweaver spoke to her family, they enthusiastically spoke about her happiness and thanked us for helping with her special day. Virginia now has her butterfly decorations proudly displayed in her room and she looks at them fondly, reliving her special day and savoring the beautiful memories!

The Dream Team is pleased to have had a part in gathering family, friends, and butterflies to help Virginia celebrate her 98th birthday!