Hard-working Velma dreamed of nothing more than a vacation with her sister, Cindy. Velma was open to suggestions—she told us that all she wanted to do was go somewhere fun, with warm weather, and a happening music scene.  Austin, TX fit the bill, and so Velma and her sister packed their bags and got ready to say hello to the Lonestar state!

VIP Limo picked them up at Velma’s home the morning of the flight. As the sisters loaded their bags into the fancy car, they knew that they were in for the adventure of a lifetime! Velma and Cindy had never been on a plane before, and they were very excited for their first flight, and their first vacation in decades.

A limo driver holding a sign with their names greeted the sisters at baggage claim in Texas and escorted them to their hotel. The sisters were tired from a long day of travel but looked forward to exploring the exciting new city around them. Velma and Cindy became fast friends with the hotel staff, who kindly pointed them in the right direction for all the best food and entertainment. They enjoyed seeing the city via a bus tour, dining at the various hot spots near the hotel, and taking in a local country music concert that made them feel young again. While in Austin they picked up some souvenirs—coffee cups and t-shirts – to help them remember their trip, but they knew that the memories of this adventure together would last forever.

Dreamweaver Foundation would like to extend our thanks to our community partner, VIP Limo, for their help with transportation, and to our friends at Corporate Travel Management (CTM) for helping us select the perfect destination for these fun-loving sisters!