Theresa grew up in Germany and remembers her balcony overflowing with flowers. A European garden oasis, she spoke about her favorite purple and pink blooms that she would plant every year. In 1976 she came to the United States and started a family in Springfield, Nebraska. Along with all her belongings, Theresa packed her love for planting and carried it with her to her new home.

Her home in Springfield had two separate gardens. The front yard was covered in flowers and the back yard was filled with edible herbs and vegetables. She loved growing greens, peppers, and tomatoes. She smiled when remembering how fresh and delicious these vegetables tasted in homemade salads and sandwiches.

When planning Theresa’s dream, Dreamweaver knew we had to get her hands in the dirt. She shared that digging was therapeutic for her, but hasn’t been able to garden since the progression of her COPD. With the help of volunteers Theresa and Alex, her old pots and plants were removed. The patio was swept and cleaned, and the space was ready for a transformation.

Theresa wanted to spend more time outside, but the space wasn’t very functional. Dreamweaver built a new rocking chair, with a side table next to it, so Theresa could comfortably sit and read one of her favorite Sci-Fi books. New pots and plants brought color and vibrancy back to the space. A full bird feeder and windchime hung from the roof. The space was transformed into an oasis, similar to her home back in Germany.

As Theresa came out and felt the plants with her hands and looked around at all the beauty and color, she was overcome with gratitude. “This is absolutely amazing,” she beamed. Her turquoise blue skirt matched the rocking chair. She couldn’t stop smiling, thinking about the evenings she could spend on her new patio bringing her peace and nostalgic memories of bygone gardens.

Thank you to Cristina from Pathways to Compassion, our Dreamweaver Volunteers, and Lowe’s for making this Dream possible!