“Enjoy Your Life” was beautifully embroidered upon the souvenir pillow Helen purchased from the Lied Lodge gift shop in Nebraska City. Coincidentally, this was Helen and sister Thelma’s life motto for over 90 years.

94-year-old Thelma and 91-year-old Helen are sisters from Plattsmouth.  Thelma instantly knew she would have a strong bond with Helen from the moment she was born.  Their parents tragically lost four children between their first child and Thelma. Because of the age difference, Helen wasn’t close to her brother, but her older sister of three years was always her best friend.

No different than most siblings, Helen and Thelma had their disagreements, but always made up. Both girls played piano, but Helen humbly brags about her older sister’s remarkable talent for tickling the ivories.

After graduating from Plattsmouth High School, their ways parted.  Thelma traveled the world and Helen married her high school sweetheart.  Over the years, Thelma returned to the Omaha area while Helen moved up and down the Missouri River for her husband’s career.  Even though they didn’t live in the same place, they never let distance be a barrier to their relationship.

It’s been just over a year since the sisters have been together in person. Phone calls and short conversation simply don’t compare to quality time spent together.

Thelma expressed her dream to Vanessa Wright, Hillcrest Shadow Lake Director of Transitions, to visit her sister in Kansas City. But taking a long road trip at 90 years old seemed like a big barrier. That’s when Vanessa enlisted the help of Dreamweaver Foundation.

After a couple weeks of planning and prepping, Thelma and her Visiting Angels caregiver, Julie, were escorted by VIP Limo to the beautiful Lied Lodge and Conference Center in Nebraska City.  At the same time, Helen was already on the road, traveling from Kansas City with her grandson, Kyle to reunite with Thelma. Both sisters were filled with excitement as they traveled.

They spent the day eating delicious meals, laughing about old memories, and sharing warm words with each other. Their undeniable love was captured in photographs by Amber Rae Photography. Each snapshot showed a gentle hand, a caring smile, and a strong sisterly bond. The photos capptured memories Thelma and Helen can take and look back on fondly.

“We never know when we will have the opportunity to see each other again. I wish I could say thank you all day to Dreamweaver Foundation.”

Thank you to Hillcrest Shadow Lake, Visiting Angels, and the Lied Lodge for their assistance in making these special sisters’ Dream possible.