Teri is a vibrant and fun-loving lady who was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. This cancer diagnosis forced her to make a quick transition from living at home with her sister to living at a skilled nursing facility. Teri is very loved, and she has a constant stream of visitors to her room at Azria  Health Montclair. As much as it warms her heart to have her friends and family stopping by to see her, something (or someone) was missing.  Teri confided to Valerie, whom she met through Kindred Care Hospice, that she wished she could see her grandson Tyler again.  Valerie knew that seeing Tyler again would be a dream come true for Teri, and she knew that Dreamweaver could help!

As we got to know Teri, it was apparent that her love for Tyler ran deep.  She told us that they always got along well and had a special relationship because they were both “ornery” and they spent lots of time together as he was growing up.  Tyler had recently moved to Orlando to start a new job. Teri wanted nothing more than to go to Florida to see the life he was making for himself down there, but unfortunately her health would not allow her to travel, so we did the next best thing – we flew Tyler and his girlfriend Ashley to visit Teri in Omaha!

Tyler and Ashley were so thankful for the opportunity to visit Teri. The distance between them has been especially difficult for Tyler since his grandma’s diagnosis. Tyler and Ashley did not hesitate to hop on a plane to spend a weekend of quality time by Teri’s side!  Teri’s anticipation for their visit gave her something to smile about, and she has been smiling ever since, saying that it was a dream come true to see Tyler again. As you can see from the photo – Tyler was all smiles to see Teri again too! 

An unexpected highlight of the visit for Teri was that Tyler also had a chance to visit his great grandmother (Teri’s mother) at her nursing home, because his visit aligned with the timing of visitor restrictions being lifted!  Teri was tickled pink that Tyler had a chance to see his great grandma, and she shared with us that Dreamweaver had made both her and her mom’s dreams’ come true by bringing Tyler and Ashley to Omaha.

Thank you to Kindred Hospice for nominating Teri to receive this dream, to Travel and Transport for their gracious assistance with the travel plans, and to Azria Health Montclair for ensuring that the visit went off without a hitch!