Susie is an incredibly genuine, caring, and positive woman. She makes it her mission to brighten everyone’s day. When a family friend nominated her for a Dream, she was surprised. For the woman who loves giving to others… it was time to give back to Susie by planning a night out on the town with her family and friends!

As the Dream Team got to know Susie to personalize her Dream, they quickly learned of her love for sports… especially the Kansas City Chiefs and Nebraska Huskers. For her big day, she was showered with a new Kansas City Chiefs outfit and other Chiefs memorabilia, as well as an autographed Husker helmet and picture of the football team. 

When the big day arrived, Susie dressed to impress…she was ready for her night out. A stretch limo picked her family up at their home to go to dinner. Susie’s grandson was so excited to see the limo show up at his house-he couldn’t wait to hop in and explore!

Our friends at Longhorn Steakhouse went above and beyond to make the evening extra special for Susie and her guests. The dining table was prepared with white linens, tealight candles, decorative flowers, and fancy place settings. A restaurant staff member even personally folded origami birds for each guest! Susie, her family, and friends reminisced, had great conversations, and shared lots of laughs as they enjoyed their delicious meal and dessert together.

Susie told the Dream Team that she felt like a queen. She was tickled that her family and the friends who have been by her side over the years were able to be a part of her Dream. It was a special night they will all hold fondly in their memories! The Dream Team was pleased to brighten Susie’s day as she has done so often for so many others.