Susan Rose taught dance lessons in the studio above Big Fred’s Pizza for decades. She spent hours each week with ballerinas and tap dancers, teaching twirls and shuffles. Susan was well-known for her dancing and teaching abilities; with long slender limbs and graceful movements, she was truly a natural.

After teaching, she and her friends would often head downstairs for some Big Fred’s Pizza. Stories and laughs were shared around a pizza and pitcher of beer. Susan found great joy in the simplicity of sharing good food with others.

Susan was nominated to receive a Dream by Lydia from CHI. Susan deserved to be surrounded by those who had learned from her and to share a special meal with them. Dreamweaver Foundation put together a Springtime Celebration for Susan on a beautiful sunny day in May.

Susan was dressed in a classy outfit from Von Maur. Her favorite colors to wear are black and red—so Evelyn, Dreamweaver’s personal shopper, picked out a beautiful jacket that fit just right. With a strand of pearls draped around her neck, Susan amazed her guests as she walked in the room.

The room at Oak Valley was decorated in pastel balloons and bright flowers. Nostalgic smells of basil marinara and garlic filled the air as Big Fred’s delivered Susan’s favorite meal. Guests flocked through the door and created a line up to 25 people long to say kind words to the woman who taught them more than just dance steps.

For three hours, Susan and her friends and family were gathered around the table. The room was filled with laughter as she open gifts and cards. People went up for seconds and thirds for pizza and pasta, enjoying the delicious food.

“Thank you, thank you. This is wonderful,” Susan said with a smile on her face.

Dreamweaver Foundation was grateful to grant a Dream to this special woman who had shared her talents and time with so many. Thank you to CHI Hospice and Big Fred’s for making this Dream possible.