Susan’s positivity and happiness is infectious. She always sees good in everyone she meets and everything surrounding her. When Susan was nominated for a dream, she had difficulty deciding what her dream would be. Susan insisted she had all she needed, but the few things that came to mind were her holiday decorations, which she no longer had. To ensure Susan’s holiday season was filled with festive décor, the Dream Team planned a shopping spree for her. When asked where she would like to shop, Susan said, “Walmart! I will get more bang for my buck”.

We know where the meaning “shop ‘til you drop” comes from… Susan! She was at Walmart for a few hours and got everything on her list. Not only was Dreamweaver Foundation volunteer, Shelley along to help Susan with her shopping trip, but Don from Blair Blue Community Transportation assisted with the shopping carts, and he brought all her purchases to her apartment! Following her shopping spree, Susan asked if they could stop by Fernando’s restaurant to have chips, tacos, wings, and a well-deserved margarita. She repeatedly said, “I can’t even explain how great of a day this has been.”

Susan purchased some must-need items on her shopping list and befriended two people who shared her Dream with her. Susan shed a lot of happy tears that day, and she was nothing but grateful for her dream with Dreamweaver Foundation. We are thankful to have met Susan and for her positive energy that extends to everyone she meets. One of Susan’s favorite new holiday decorations is a decorative 1957 Chevy pickup truck with a Christmas tree in the truck bed. The decorative piece holds sentimental value, reminding her of her dad and his love for classic trucks. We hope it is the focal point on her mantle this holiday season.