You know what they say about dogs being man’s best friend? The saying accurately describes Steven’s bond with his beloved dog, Trixie. Years ago, Steven rescued Trixie, or perhaps did Trixie rescue Steven? When Steven transitioned into a facility, he had to say a sorrowful goodbye to Trixie. But knowing Trixie was in good hands with his best friend, Rosemary, made the challenging situation a little more manageable. 

Dreamweaver was contacted to help fulfill Steven’s only Dream- to see Trixie and Rosemary one more time. Instantly pulling on the heartstrings of the Dreamweaver team, we were honored to help with Steven’s Dream. To make the Dream even more special, the Dreamweaver team suggested the friends share a special meal during their visit. Steven insisted he share Trixie’s favorite dinner, spaghetti.

Our friends at VIP Limo ensured Trixie and Rosemary arrived to see Steven in style! Can you believe that was Trixie’s first limo ride? Steven, Trixie, and Rosemary were joyfully reunited, they shared a fabulous meal and reminisced about past times together. The Dreamweaver team was there to capture the day’s events, and now Steven has lovely pictures with Trixie and Rosemary to remind him of their beautiful reunion.