Sheryl has been a life-long zoo lover. She would spend days there, enjoying the animals and interacting with others. She even won an award for being so involved at the zoo! Her room is filled with a variety of stuffed animals—from elephants to fish to bears—she is truly an animal lover.

When Tammy from AseraCare realized how much Sheryl loved the zoo, and how long it had been since she visited one, she nominated Sheryl to receive a Dream. With some coordination between Dreamweaver Foundation and Sheryl’s sisters, a day trip to Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo was planned.

A limo arrived at Sheryl’s home and picked up the guest of honor, along with Tammy, sister Valerie, and nephew Broc. The crew of four enjoyed their ride over to the Henry Doorly Zoo, just a few minutes away. As she stepped out of the limo, a bright smile spread across her face, despite the rainy weather. Sheryl was thrilled to be back at the place that meant so much to her.

The weather soon cleared up and Sheryl strolled the beautiful pathways of the Zoo. She saw all of her favorite animals up close! From the Desert Dome to the Rainforest and Aquarium, they all explored the different ecosystems and various plant and animal life.

Looking back through the pictures they had taken of that special day, Sheryl again had that bright smile across her face. She was thrilled. Everyone said they had a great time and were grateful Sheryl could spend time at her favorite spot in town.

Thank you to AseraCare, Henry Doorly Zoo, and VIP Limo for making this trip down memory lane possible for Sheryl!