Shelly loved the excitement of the casino. The bright lights, great food, and continuous fun on the floor had been a time for her and her loved ones to enjoy each other’s company many years ago.

With family and friends by her side, Shelly fulfilled her Dream at Harrah’s Casino in Council Bluffs reliving the excitement of former days at the slots. Greeted warmly by Dreamweaver partner, Dawn, Shelly was gifted a Harrah’s cup, keychain, and pocket mirror.

The pocket mirror was especially thoughtful; Shelly loved looking at her new hair extensions she had clipped in for the day. Always wanting long hair, Dreamweaver thought it would be fun to provide her with beauty supplies to feel exceptionally gorgeous. She even had some purple streaks! Purple was her favorite color and it showed—purple nail polish, glasses, sweater, and makeup—she loved seeing it all in the mirror.

Shelly and her guests began their day with lunch, fueling up for the fun ahead. She enjoyed roast beef and salad. But so excited to start gambling, Shelly got up from her wheelchair and walked to the floor while everyone was still eating! Someone soon joined her to make sure she was safe, and everyone laughed at her enthusiasm.

Slot machines were Shelly’s favorite and she enjoyed spending time in the fun and thrilling environment that she had enjoyed years ago. Her family was grateful to see her smile and laugh, and they all shared they had a wonderful time.

Thank you to Dawn at Harrah’s Casino, Midwest Medical Transportation, and CHI for making Shelly’s Dream possible!