Sharon loved the companionship of animals. Their soft fur, playful attitudes, and consistent love filled her with glee. Sharon was really wanting an animal to help bring peace and joy to her days.

When Jeanie from Serene Care Hospice heard about Sharon’s love for animals, she knew Dreamweaver could help bring happiness to her through a furry friend! Jeanie nominated Sharon to receive a dream during the COVID-19 pandemic because battling loneliness and isolation have been especially challenging at this time. She knew Sharon needed some extra love and care.

Due to the logistics of owning a real live animal, Dreamweaver decided to take another route—a senior-specific robotic dog from Joy for All Companion Pets. This cuddly creature has puppy-like movements and sounds that truly mimic a real dog! The dog has soft fur, a gentle heartbeat, a playful bark, and head and tail motion. It was exactly what Sharon was looking for—something she can have sit in her lap to interact with and care for.

Dreamweaver purchased a pink dog bed, floral bandanas, and a brush to accessorize the playful pup. When Dreamweaver delivered the dog to Sharon on her Dream Day, she was beyond excited, evident in her smiles and laughter. She knew the puppy wasn’t real, but that didn’t matter. She had a new friend to pet and care for. Sharon was thinking about different options for names and just kept laughing in joy at all the life-like characteristics of the animal.

It can be challenging to find happiness during times of struggle. But dogs can help, even if they are battery operated! The authentic interaction and companionship the dog brings Sharon is truly beneficial for her happiness.

Thank you to Jeanie from Serene Care and Joy for All Companion Pets for making this Dream possible!