Scott, a self-proclaimed “Funcle” prides himself on having taken his nephew, Jack, to his first concert, Kid Rock, about ten years ago.  Scott helped to instill a love and appreciation for live shows in Jack, and over the years the uncle/nephew duo have attended many concerts including KISS.  When Scott entered hospice care and moved into St. Joseph Villa he assumed that his rock show days were over.  Luckily, his hospice social worker, Kelsey, got to know Scott and quickly learned that music was a big motivator for him.  When she saw how much Scott wanted to go to the upcoming Kid Rock Show, she nominated Scott for a Dream.

Scott’s family worked quickly on completing our required paperwork.  Everyone was so excited that Scott’s concert-going days were not over.  After careful consideration of possible guests to invite to the concert with him, Scott chose to bring his nephew Jack (of course), and his niece Lisa, who had never attended a concert with her uncle before.  Monika, one of our amazing CNA trained volunteers, happily went along to the Dream concert to provide any assistance that Scott may have needed.

We helped Scott plan his perfect night, which kicked off with a limo ride to Cascio’s Steakhouse, where he and his posse enjoyed a delicious meal before the concert.  After that, they were off to the CHI Health Center, where Scott even ran into a few of his old music fan buddies before the show! Scott was excited to see Grand Funk Railroad open for Kid Rock, and was impressed with Kid Rock’s show—marveling at the “old” rock star’s high energy level.  Jack and Lisa took it all in, rocking out alongside their uncle and the rest of the audience until 11:30 pm.  Scott slept in the next morning, but woke up feeling refreshed, recharged, and back to his old rock-n-roll self.

Dreamweaver Foundation would like to thank our volunteer Monika for her assistance with this Dream.  We would also like to thank our friends at VIP Limousine and Cascio’s Steakhouse for giving our Dreamer the rock star treatment for the night.