The ruby is a rare gem that doesn’t blend into the background.  Like her namesake, our Dreamer Ruby, sparkles with an unmistakable zest for life.  Over the last nine years the staff at Sumner Place in Lincoln have gotten to know Ruby well, and they have grown to love her fun-loving spirit and warm heart.  When Ruby transitioned to hospice care, her friends at Sumner Place knew that she needed something to lift her spirits and nominated her for a Dream.

Covid restrictions prevented us from visiting with Ruby in person to learn more about her and her Dream, so we relied on her sister and the staff at Sumner to point us in the right direction for Ruby’s Dream plan.  The staff at Sumner Place, who know and love Ruby so well, were excited to contribute their ideas to give Ruby a perfect day!  Knowing that she and her sister used to enjoy going to drag shows, the staff suggested that we plan a private drag show for Ruby and her Sumner Place family, and Ruby’s sister agreed that this was just the thing to put the wind back into Ruby’s sails.

We treated Ruby to a morning of pampering to get ready for her big day. After her hair and nail appointment, the staff swept a ruby-red sequin-clad Ruby away for a fun-filled afternoon at Das Haus.  A 6-foot banner with her picture and the words “Dream Big, Ruby” greeted her as she entered the venue!  Ruby was delighted to see that all her friends from Sumner Place had signed it to wish her well!  Ruby made a stop at the sparkly photo wall to pose with her friends before the show!  When Ruby took her seat, the show director, Frieda F. Roxia, introduced the performers who all expressed how proud they were to be a part of Ruby’s Dream.  The performers did their very best renditions of classic songs by Cher, Aretha Franklin and other artists.  Ruby clapped along to the music and swayed to the beat of the classic songs.  After the show, Ruby and her friends posed with the performers for lots of pictures. Behind their masks, everyone in the room was smiling from ear to ear, as Ruby’s unquenchable zest for life and fun-loving spirit was contagious.

Dreamweaver Foundation would like to thank Das Haus for generously hosting this private event for Ruby.  We would also like to extend our appreciation to show director Frieda F. Roxia and the talented performers Ja Ja Adore Devoux, and Tia Pet, and to photographer Dru Arlo for capturing the magic of the day.