The simple beauty of flowers is often overlooked, but not for Rosemary. Rosemary has always been in awe of the beauty of flowers, especially delicate pink roses. Over the years, Rosemary’s family has shown their love from afar by sending her flowers. As the years passed and her health changed, the one thing that remained consistent is Rosemary’s love for flowers and the joy it brings her to receive a bouquet.

To ensure that Rosemary always has a little joy and beauty in her day, the Dreamweaver team devised a way to keep Rosemary supplied with beautiful blooms. With the help of our friends at Stem Gallery in Lincoln, we are bringing the beauty of flowers to Rosemary. Stem Gallery now delivers to Rosemary beautiful pink bouquets twice a month. This simple gesture delights Rosemary every time and lights up her room with beautiful flowers.