Rod, a natural athlete with a lifelong passion for football, devoted his adulthood to playing the sport and sharing his love for physical fitness through teaching. When his wife, Lori, nominated him for a dream, she knew that attending a Washington Commanders’ football game would be the most meaningful experience for Rod. With ties to Washington DC and his son stationed at Quantico,  Rod was excited to spend precious time with him.

Before the football game, Rod, accompanied by his brother Todd, good friend Roger, and his son Jack, immersed themselves in the sights of Washington, DC. They explored the Marine Museum, Mount Vernon, the Washington Monument, the Vietnam Memorial, the World War II Memorial, and the Lincoln Monument, and caught a glimpse of the White House from afar.

Graciously supported by the Washington Commanders’ Salute Military Program, Rod and his group received pre-game field passes, USO tailgate tickets, and enjoyed the football festivities from their amazing seats. Rod cherished the entire experience, relishing exploring the city and the valuable moments spent with his son.