It’s not hard to fly under the radar and blend into the crowd when you are quiet and easy going. Thanks to his pleasant and humble nature, Rodney doesn’t demand a lot of attention from the wonderful staff at Azria Health Central City.  However, Rodney’s hospice social worker, Kristen, noticed how his face lit up and his toe tapped whenever country music was on the radio.  And she called on Dreamweaver Foundation for their help to give Rodney a chance to enjoy some special attention, front and center, at a country music concert.

We were lucky to connect with McKenzie JaLynn of the McKenzie JaLynn Band, who was more than willing to fit a private acoustic performance at Azria Health into her busy schedule.   Amy from Azria Health helped us to coordinate and promote the concert to Rodney and the other residents.  Excitement was in the air as Rodney and the other residents gathered in the courtyard before the concert.  Rodney was star-struck when McKenzie greeted him with a warm hug, t-shirt, and cd.  Amy also helped arrange to have some special refreshments served up in Rodney’s honor. To say that Rodney and the other residents enjoyed this special country music performance would be an understatement.  Along with his tapping toe, Rodney even sang along while smiling ear to ear!

Dreamweaver Foundation would like to thank Kristen from AseraCare Hospice for noticing Rodney’s tapping toe and nominating him for a Dream; Amy from Azria Health Central City for her help with hosting this concert; and McKenzie JaLynn for sharing her gift of music with this Dreamer!