Bob has always wanted to ride in a helicopter, so the team at Dunklau Garden reached out to Dreamweaver Foundation to make his bucket list dream come true! Bob joined the Navy when he was 18 or 19 years old and served four years before returning home to Fremont. Except for his time in the military, Bob has spent his life in Fremont, so for his Dream, he wanted to enjoy Fremont from the sky. When given the opportunity to make his bucket list dream come true, Bob wanted his dear friend, LuNette, to come along for the adventure! 

When the day of his Dream arrived, the staff at Dunklau Gardens and our friends at Scheels Sporting Goods had a surprise for Bob. As he made his way down the hallway of the facility, toward the transportation to his Dream, Bob was surprised to see his friends cheering him on while waiving small American flags! Friends at the facility noted that Bob was “beaming” and “had the biggest smile on his face” as he made his way through the cheering crowd.

Once at AM Aviation and before taking flight, LuNette’s family, who years ago took Bob in as one of their own, also cheered the pair on! Once up in the air, Bob noted that the ride “lived up to his expectations” and that he “would love to do it again.” Bob was thrilled to be flying over the Platte River and taking in the scenery from a bird’s eye view, one he had never experienced before! Following his ride, Bob and his friends made their way to San Anna’s Restaurant where he enjoyed some delicious tacos! When asked what his favorite part of his Dream was, Bob replied, “all of it!”  The Dream team was pleased to help Bob’s airborne Dream come true!