Twinkling bright, a festive delight, Christmas lights make the season just right! Years ago, Bob found himself with an important task, as she used to plug in the Christmas Lights at Gene Leahy Mall to kick off the holiday season in Omaha! With a large crowd and a countdown, anticipation filled the air as Bob lit up Omaha and filled the city with holiday lights. Nowadays, Bob no longer lights up the Christmas lights. However, he still wanted to get out and enjoy the holiday lights with his family.

Before setting off to gaze at Christmas lights, Bob and his family gathered for a timeless Omaha tradition—a classic chicken meal from Alpine Inn. While Bob was enjoying his dinner, Dreamweaver Foundation gave him a special holiday gift: an animated and lifelike robotic cat! After moving to a care community, Bob missed his beloved cat, Spotty, but now he has his very own Spotty with him! Bob was delighted by his new companion and quickly became acquainted with his new friend.

With Spotty perched on his lap, Bob and his family made their way to look at Christmas lights. Dressed in holiday accessories and with the van decorated, Bob and his family cruised Omaha taking in the Christmas lights as they made their way to the Gene Leahy Mall. Bob might not have lift up the Christmas lights, but he enjoyed looking at them with his family, just the same.