Everyone knows the feeling you get when your favorite song comes on the radio. You are filled with a sense of happiness, nostalgia, and pure joy. Richard gets this very sensation, and can be seen grinning from ear to ear, every time a song from the rock band
Chicago is played on the radio. And as it turned out, Chicago was scheduled to perform just a few miles down the road at Pinewood Bowl. Knowing how much Richard loves Chicago, and with their upcoming concert so close by, his friends at Ridgewood Living Center reached out to Dreamweaver Foundation to see if we could assist in getting him to the concert! 

Richard was accompanied to the concert by his wife, Linda, and his daughter, Brittany. Once the music started, Richard was mesmerized by his favorite band. He sang along to all of Chicago’s greatest hits, some dating from their very first album!  The only thing better than seeing Chicago live was having his family along by his side, listening to the songs they had played in their home for decades. The Dream team was thrilled to assist Richard in attending the Chicago concert, making an unforgettable memory for him and his family!