Rhonda’s dream was modest and humble. She wanted to celebrate her birthday with her husband Albert in a meaningful way. When Rhonda was nominated in February, her AseraCare Hospice social worker Deidre had no idea the changes our community would see by April.

Back in 2005, a mutual friend introduced Rhonda and Albert to each other while they enjoyed a delicious lunch at KFC. They hit it off! Not long after their first introductions, Albert took Rhonda on an official first date to TCBY. Little did either of them know how many more memories they would share over chicken and ice cream.

After they married in 2006, the couple celebrated every anniversary while reminiscing over crispy KFC chicken dinners and TCBY strawberry dessert sundaes.

In 2012, due to Rhonda’s declining health, she and Albert made the difficult decision to move Rhonda into Good Samaritan-St. Luke’s. Their distance didn’t stop the lovebirds from being together or celebrating life’s milestones. And Rhonda’s 64th birthday wasn’t going to be any different. Because of COVID-19 and social distancing, plans changed, but nothing was going to prevent Albert from celebrating Rhonda’s birthday.

Through the glass front door, Albert surprised Rhonda with a beautiful purple dress. He wanted her to feel like a queen. The couple sat down at small dining tables on opposite sides of the glass and enjoyed their favorite fried chicken meal and strawberry sundaes, just like the many times before.

Being apart was difficult, but Rhonda was grateful for the celebration. AseraCare helped make sure it was an extra special birthday with flowers and gifts. For many reasons, it was a birthday Rhonda will never forget.

Thank you to AseraCare Hospice in Kearney and Good Samaritan-St. Luke’s for helping Rhonda celebrate her dream birthday!