Phyllis is a kind, sweet, and bubbly woman with a great sense of humor. She had heard the Broadway show “Dream Girls” was at the Omaha Community Playhouse and was interested in seeing it. When the Dream Team began planning her Dream, there were a few things Phyllis shared that she really missed, including: visiting her parents’ graves, getting out for a ride in the car, seeing her friend Ruth, and eating at Red Lobster. So, the Dream Team was determined to include all the things that are so special to her. 

Her Dream was planned for a Saturday, a beautiful and sunny day! Phyllis had her nails painted and had selected the perfect outfit for her night on the town. Dressed to the nines, she made her way to the limo, where Dreamweaver volunteer, Bette, was waiting for her. The VIP limo driver, Earl, was very professional, welcoming, and made the ride very personal for Phyllis.

Phyllis wanted to stop by her parents’ graves at Forrest Lawn cemetery before going to dinner. It had been a while since she was able to visit. With the help of Earl and Bette, Phyllis located the headstones of both her mother and father. The Dream Team provided her with personalized flowers to leave at their gravesites. She was very grateful for the chance to visit again and honor them.

The next stop was to pick up her good friend, Ruth. The two have known each other for 30+ years. Their friendship started when they worked together at Hy-Vee. When asked where she wanted to eat dinner, Phyllis excitedly said “Red Lobster”!  She was tickled to enjoy her favorite lobster and baked potato meal – she even ordered a second one to take home for the following day. 

The group arrived at the Omaha Community Playhouse ahead of schedule. They took photos in the lobby before finding their seats. Phyllis enjoyed the music and was glad her Dream had allowed her to experience the show firsthand. After the curtain closed, and ready to call it a night, the group made their way back to the limo where Earl was waiting for them. Phyllis had a great time getting to know Earl; ironically enough, they both have a set of twins– Phyllis has girls and Earl has boys. She also joked about how “good looking” he was. 

After her Dream night, Phyllis recalled how much fun she had and that she was so tired she slept nearly all of Sunday. The Dream Team was honored to have the opportunity to make Phyllis’ Dreams come true! After all, that makes her an actual “Dream Girl.”