When Pearl was nominated to receive her Dream, everyone knew this was a big deal because of her love for the Huskers. This was explained in-depth by her daughter, Pam:

“Mom is a strong, very passionate and faithful Husker fan. When the Huskers are on TV, you better not show up. She has instructed people not to come to the house because she was watching the Huskers play and wasn’t to be interrupted… Win or lose mom loves the Huskers… she has collected memorabilia over the years which are reflected in every room in her home… Mom will be overwhelmed and excited at the possibility of fulfilling her Dream of meeting Tom Osborne.”

Through a series of networks and connections, a meeting between Tom Osborne and Pearl was set up in Lincoln—an absolute miracle in her eyes! A limo transported Pearl with her family down to Lincoln where everything shines in a sea of Red. Pearl met Tom in a private setting and shared her fond memories and joy of Husker football with the legend himself.

After meeting the famous coach, Pearl and her family enjoyed a meal at Cheddar’s Craft Kitchen. They shared stories and memories of Husker football and couldn’t stop talking about the opportunity of a lifetime for Pearl to meet Tom.