Pauline was born and raised in the South with a strong love for music. Spending her life singing in the church choir, Pauline found it fitting to incorporate music into her Dream.  She decided she wanted to see The Judds in concert!

With a few tricks up their sleeve, the Dreamweaver team reached out to Wynonna Judd to share Pauline’s Dream. On a cold and snowy January night, Pauline’s son Michael joined her for a little surprise: a Facetime call with Wynonna Judd herself! Pauline was star-struck and could just not believe she was speaking to Wynonna, summarizing the call, “mercy me!”

Weeks later and still on cloud nine from the Facetime chat, it was showtime! Pauline was dressed in a new outfit, her hair stylishly curled, and surrounded by her best friends. Pauline and her entourage made their way to Omaha in a VIP Limo, leaving Pauline “feeling like a queen.” She even enjoyed a few sips of champagne! 

Arriving at CHI Health Center arena, Pauline was treated to a true VIP experience! She enjoyed viewing the private sound check, where Wynonna Judd spotted Pauline in the crowd and said hello from the stage. Pauline was honored and “didn’t know what to think” that a celebrity had recognized her! Even better, following the sound check, Pauline spent time catching up with Wynonna and snapping pictures! Wynonna expressed that she was so happy Pauline was able to come to the concert and that it was great to meet her in person.  

Wanting to keep Pauline out of the cold and windy night, Wynonna invited Pauline and her friends to enjoy the VIP lounge before the concert. There everyone was gifted goodie bags, including matching t-shirts! And the staff at CHI arena also treated Pauline like a queen, even preparing her a meal, and again ensuring she didn’t have to go out into the cold. 

Once the concert began, Pauline made her way to the balcony where she watched it all from the comfort of a suite. Pauline was dazzled by the lights and the mesmerizing way that Wynonna could “make the stage dance!” Pauline’s excitement matched the energy of the crowd, as she and everyone else in the venue was “screaming, clapping, and hollering!” Pauline could not get over how beautiful Wynonna looked as well as her beautiful voice. She said her favorite song is “Why Not Me” and that it was even better hearing Wynonna sing it live! 

Pauline is still raving about her Dream and can often be seen wearing her VIP pass around the halls of Sumner Place. Pauline has been sharing her love for the Judds, by playing her Judds CD for her friends in the facility. Dreamweaver Foundation would like to thank Wynonna Judd for making Pauline’s Dream come true. Pauline summarized it best, “It’s a night I’ll never forget!”