For years, Patty took care of everyone else.  She focused on the needs of her family –  cooking, cleaning, running her two sons, Jeremy and Chris, to practices and rehearsals, all while maintaining a full-time job at Conagra Foods working in the Accounts Receivable Department for 18 years.

In her downtime, Patty would venture to garage sales, hoping to find a new treasure.  Her favorite finds were traffic signs and any Star Wars collectable.

As years went on, Patty developed heart and kidney disease.  When Monica Tvrdy, Hillcrest Hospice Social Worker, learned about Patty’s desire to always care for others before herself, she decided something needed to change.  It was time for Patty to receive something that was just for her, a day of pampering.

Patty’s afternoon started with a manicure and pedicure provided by Jenae Hines from Faces Day Spa.  As Jenae massaged her hands and feet, Patty was the most relaxed she’d ever been.  Peacefully closing her eyes in complete comfort, taking in every bit of the pampering.  As Jenae displayed all the nail colors, Patty’s eyes grew in disbelief that she could choose her own nail color.  Patty couldn’t decide on just one color, so she picked her two favorites, yellow and purple.  Following her mani and pedi, Rania Baxter from Downtown Omaha Massage arrived to give Patty a massage to promote deep relaxation and relief from any pain she may be experiencing.

As a surprise, Dreamweaver Foundation presented Patty with a mini-spa package filled with many of her favorite things, slippers, a blanket and of course chocolate candies!  Her favorite item in the package was the Star Wars shirt!  Without planning, Patty’s yellow and purple nails matched the shirt perfectly!

After her pampering day was complete, Patty exclaimed, “I feel marvelous!”.

Thank you Jenae Hines, Rania Baxter, and Monica Tvrdy for helping Dreamweaver grant Patty’s Dream.