Sometimes, a good night of sleep can be a dream come true!  This was the case for Pat, whose sleep has been disrupted by the effects of liver disease.  Pat’s daughter, Courtney, nominated her mom to receive a Dream and thought Pat would want nothing more than a night in a comfy hotel bed to recharge her batteries.  Pat jumped for joy when she learned of the nomination!  A good night of sleep was all she wanted, and she was thrilled when we suggested that she dream bigger.  It wasn’t hard to convince Pat that two nights are better than one! A perfect way to kick off her Omaha staycation was with a steak dinner with her family to celebrate her recent birthday.

Pat’s children, granddaughters and sister joined her to meet the limo in the parking lot of her apartment complex.  Thegroup was dressed to the nines, and they took advantage of the occasion to pose for family pictures.  Dreamweaver staff met them and gave Pat a special outfit to wear for her Dream: a beautiful pair of comfortable, purple pajamas.  The limo whisked the family away to the Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel in Omaha’s popular Blackstone District.  Pat’s family helped her unpack and settle into her room before they went downstairs to enjoy a gourmet dinner at The Committee Chophouse.

After dinner, Pat hugged her loved ones goodbye and went back to her room where she slipped into her pajamas, flipped on the TV, and tried out the comfy bed! Courtney was right–two days (and nights!) relaxing in the comfort of a hotel were just what the doctor ordered!  Pat boarded the limo for her return home on Saturday morning feeling like a new (and well-rested) woman!

Dreamweaver Foundation would like to thank VIP Limo, the Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel and The Committee Chophouse for rolling out the red carpet and helping our Sleeping Beauty feel like a princess for a weekend!