Pat Neujahr has fond memories of her childhood in Wahoo, Nebraska. In fact, she can still picture the layout of her childhood home.

Pat was reminiscing about Wahoo with her Serene Hospice social worker, Heather, who lives near Wahoo. She chatted about her elementary school classrooms and friends, her home on Beech St. that seemed like a mansion to her eight-year-old self, and the famous Wahoo Wieners. Pat loves to share the story of going grocery shopping at the Wahoo Meat Market with her mom. To keep the kids happy while their parents shopped, the Meat Market offered Wahoo Wieners to all the children.

At 12 years old, Pat’s dad started a new job at a telephone company, causing them to move to Syracuse, Nebraska. It was hard for Pat to leave Wahoo behind, but she adapted, making new friends and memories in Syracuse.

As Pat shared her memories, Heather decided it was time to give Pat the Wahoo Homecoming she deserved. It had been decades since she had visited her hometown.

Dreamweaver Foundation partnered with Serene Hospice, The Lexington Assisted Living and Wahoo Chamber of Commerce to plan a special and memorable homecoming. The day of Pat’s Dream, she wasn’t feeling her best and wasn’t ready for a road trip. Instead of going to Wahoo, we brought Wahoo to her.

Wahoo’s Chamber of Commerce showered Pat with Wahoo memorabilia. When Theresa, Wahoo Chamber of Commerce president, heard of the change in plans, she visited Pat’s childhood home and snapped a few photos. Pat was excited to see what her home looks like today.

Pat shared memories of her childhood in Wahoo over Wahoo Wieners for lunch with her team from Serene, The Lexington and Wahoo Chamber of Commerce. It was a day strolling back in time, reminiscing about her childhood, hearing about all the new happenings in Wahoo and, of course, tasting the savory Wahoo Wieners.

Pat’s Dream wouldn’t have been possible without Serene Hospice, Wahoo Chamber of Commerce, The Lexington Assisted Living and the Wahoo Meat Locker. Thank you!