God, family and music are the three most important things in Jim’s life.

Jim was stationed in Germany during the Cold War. When he returned home, he began working as a carpenter building and installing cabinets. In this spare time, Jim built his home where he and his wife would raise their two daughters.

His love for Christ started with this mom’s faith. His strong faith followed him all through his life, especially during war. He and his family started attending Bellevue Church of Christ in the 1970s. He often led the congregation in music during Worship. He attended every Sunday until January 2017 when his health started to decline and he moved into Hillcrest Health and Rehab. Jim still watches the online- streamed Worship from Hillcrest Health and Rehab, but its’ just not the same as sitting in the church worshiping with the congregation.

When Kaylee from Hillcrest Health nominated Jim to fulfill a dream, he did not hesitate to think he wanted to attend Worship at Bellevue Church of Christ. With help from Jim’s church friend, Betty, he was able to enjoy Bible Study, Worship and the Fellowship Pot-Luck lunch. Jim said he had a great time; it was very special day. Jim’s presence that Sunday affected the whole community. Members of the congregation are planning to bring Jim to Bellevue Church of Christ a few times a year!

Dreamweaver Foundation would like to thank Hillcrest Health Care, Caring Companions, Bellevue Church of Christ and Midwest Medical for partnering with us to fulfill Jim’s Dream!