Fun Fact about Patrick?! He has been to Las Vegas 11 times!! Patrick loves the atmosphere of Vegas, including the sounds and the view. With Vegas in mind, but looking a little closer to home, Patrick found himself wanting to go to Horseshoe Casino! When asked about an outing to make the afternoon one to remember, Patrick asked if his brother could join him at the casino for a delicious meal.  

The Dreamweaver team reached out to Patrick’s brother and after inquiring about an outing, it was determined that it would be best to have Patrick come to his brother’s facility. Patrick noted the most important element of his Dream was to see his brother, so we arranged to bring Patrick to his brother for lunch!  

On the big day, Patrick and his entourage piled into a limo to be transported in style! With the help of one of our fabulous volunteers, Mary, Patrick was on his way to meet his brother for a delicious lunch! Our friends at St. Joseph Villa graciously provided a room to allow the group to dine privately. And of course, the room was decorated with Husker décor, Patrick’s favorite team! Patrick, his group and most importantly, his brother enjoyed large juicy steaks from Cascio’s and indulged in a rich dessert! The food was fantastic however nothing could compare to the time Patrick got to spend with his brother! 

Then, as if the afternoon couldn’t get any better, Patrick was off to the casino! Once he arrived, Patrick soaked in the bright lights and the noises. Patrick had a blast playing the slot machines and walked out of the casino doors with gaming profits in his pocket! Patrick plans to indulge his winnings and purchase a Bon Jovi CD! Better, and more long-lasting than that however, Patrick is thrilled to have made new memories of lunching with his brother and a casino experience.


Thank you for nominating Patrick for our Dream program! Patrick was a true delight to work with and it warmed my heart that he wanted to see his brother for his Dream! Patrick had a great Dream – ranging from a limo ride, delicious steak lunch with his brother, and of course some gambling fun! Patrick walked away ahead at the casino and has plans to purchase a Bon Jovi CD with his winnings! Thank you again for nominating Patrick and I look forward to working with you more in the future! 

P.S. I can’t see a McDonalds hamburger without thinking of conversation and having a laugh!


Thank you so much for transporting Patrick for his Dream! Patrick had a great dream – ranging from a limo ride, delicious steak lunch with his brother, and of course some gambling fun!  I think Patrick’s smile in the limo shows just how much he loved his ride! Thank you once again, the limo ride made Patrick’s dream experience!


Thank you so much for volunteering at Patrick’s Dream! I greatly appreciate you taking the time out of your day to make Patrick’s Dream come true! When I spoke with Patrick, he gushed about seeing his brother and how much fun he had the casino! The pictures you took truly capture his joy and the fun he had! Thank you again, we couldn’t make dreams come true without you!


Thank you so much for helping to coordinate Patrick’s Dream! It warms my heart to know that what Patrick wanted was to have lunch with his brother and I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for coordinating with Bobbie, the staff, and reserving a room for us! I am so glad we could reunite Patrick and Bobbie for a delicious meal and to make new memories!


Thank you so much for helping at Patrick’s Dream! You went above and beyond in helping to get Patrick ready for his Dream, and he looked fabulous in his new Husker gear! I appreciate the pictures you took during the day, the updates, and spending time with Patrick! Thank you so much, I hope we can work together again soon!