If you are lucky enough to get the chance to meet Patricia, you know what an artistic and caring soul she is. No one knows this as much as her friends at Royale Oaks in Omaha and her devoted daughter, Kami. And if you do get the chance to chat with her you will soon discover, that besides her faith and family, there are two things she loves: Elvis and Mexican food.

Growing up and throughout her adult years, Patricia lived all over the United States from Hawaii to Mississippi. She has always had the travel bug, but unfortunately due to COVID and life circumstances, taking trips has not been in the cards these last few years.

After meeting with the family and discussing options, Patricia decided a trip to Graceland would be just the ticket! Taking a trip to Graceland would give her the chance to travel, which she has been missing. And as a long-time fan of Elvis, she would be thrilled to see all that Graceland has to offer.  Patricia especially loves the gospel songs that Elvis sings so beautifully. She is a woman whose faith is very near and dear to her heart, Patricia even taught Sunday school for years.

Patricia’s daughter downloaded Elvis movies for them to view on their way to Graceland and they had a ball watching him perform and getting excited for all the Elvis history they were about to see.  This trip gave Patricia the opportunity to spend time with her daughter making invaluable memories, learn more about Elvis, and even hear some of his music she had never heard before.

A special thanks to Royale Oaks for nominating Patricia, Travel and Transport for all their assistance in coordinating the travel plans, and Graceland Manor for the memorable VIP lunch and tour.