Patricia loved a good time. Fun games, great food, lively music and wonderful company made a party special for her. She spent many years cooking meals for a large family, tidying up the house for guests and hosting special gatherings for all her loved ones. For her Dream, she wanted all the best aspects of her parties, but with a little help on the back end.

With the help of Aseracare Beatrice, Dreamweaver knew just how to help. Creating the experience of a fun-filled game day at her house—but without the work of hosting—was just what she was excited for. All of her favorite foods were chosen: Casey’s pizza and breadsticks, Pizza Hut buffalo wings and, of course, ice cream!

Over 45 people gathered at Patricia’s home on her Dream Day in February. They played card games, ate a delicious meal, shared stories and cheered others on in friendly competition. They had prizes and gifts to share with the winners, but everyone left happy, whether they won a game or not. Becky from Aseracare said, “Patricia just couldn’t stop laughing. It was so much fun.”

Thank you to Casey’s, Pizza Hut, Goodrich and Aseracare Beatrice for making this Dream possible!