Now more than ever, family means everything to Patricia.  In her 80s, she only has her three kids.  Her siblings and parents passed before their 60th birthdays.  Patricia lives in York, NE with her daughter, Jeanette.  Son, Bill, is three long hours away in Anita, IA and her second son, Michael, lives in Minnesota.

For 29 years, Diabetes and Congestive Heart Failure have affected Patricia’s life, especially the last few years making her unable to drive.  For years, she has wished she could hop in a vehicle for a road trip to visit Bill in Anita.  She longs to be with Bill as he struggles with his own battle, cancer.

Last summer, Bill was nominated by AseraCare – Council Bluffs to fulfill his dream of having a visit with his mom.  Dreamweaver Foundation arranged transportation for Patricia to make the road trip from York to Anita.  Now, months later, Bill’s health is declining rapidly.  It was Patricia’s wish to visit her son once again.

On a beautiful day in March, VIP Limo escorted Patricia and Jeanette for a loving visit with Bill.  For hours, Patricia and Bill reminisced about old childhood memories, caught up on current events and just enjoyed each other’s company.  No matter how old your kids are, a mother’s love for her children never fades.

Thank YOU VIP Limo and Caring Acres for partnering with Dreamweaver Foundation to fulfill Patricia’s Dream.