A trip to Branson has always been on Pat’s bucket list, and the only thing better than checking off a bucket list dream is sharing the experience with your lifelong best friend! When Dreamweaver Foundation met with Pat to discuss her dream, she quickly chose to visit Branson, Missouri.

With Branson set as their destination, Pat and her best friend, Lisa, set out on the open road. Wanting to make the most of their trip, the ladies wasted no time, taking in as much of Branson as they could. They even stopped to see Dean Z, an Elvis impersonator, since they were both big Elvis fans. Pat was blown away by the performance, enjoying the live band and photos of Elvis. The next stop on the music tour was attending the Dolly Parton Stampede. Pat indulged in a delicious five-course meal at the stampede, including a Cornish hen. While enjoying the meal, the guests were dazzled with performing animals ranging from horses, pigs, chickens, and dogs! Pat ended the music tour on a high note, soaking up the tunes of the Oak Ridge Boys. She was amazed at the show, taking in the performance from “perfect seats” on the floor, allowing her a perfect view of the band.

Pat made sure to experience more than just musical attractions, wanting to see it all, and went on the famous Showboat dinner cruise. She was shocked at the smooth cruise ride, noting, “You wouldn’t even know you were on the water!” While on board, Pat was dazzled by the experience, including a performance featuring singers, musicians, and dancers, while dining on another fantastic meal. Taking a break from the shows, Pat and Lisa went to the Titanic Museum, where they were both assigned passengers. While immersed in the Titanic experience, Pat was given the opportunity to plunge her hand into water that was 29 degrees, the same temperature as the ocean water the night the Titanic sank. Pat wore a brave face and kept her hand in the water for thirty seconds.

Pat was having such a good time she didn’t want the trip to end! Pat continued the vacation a little longer as they stopped to enjoy a cave tour on their way home. The cave offered a colorful history, as twelve ladies were the first to explore it. The cave was utilized to manufacture moonshine and housed a secret bar. Pat made the most of her dream experience, noting it was “the best trip I ever had!”