Otha dedicated much of her life to her children. With five little ones in a military family, Otha spent years moving around and finding new ways she could best meet the needs of her busy family. For over 20 years, her time was spent making meals, packing backpacks, and scheduling appointments. With most of her energy geared towards her children, Otha didn’t spend too much time focusing on herself. As many mothers do, she humbly put her needs and wishes after those of her children.

With a family that large and on-the-go, Otha needed to be efficient. Wal-Mart was her one stop shop for making it happen—groceries, clothes, gadgets and medicine all in one place. She was familiar with Wal-Mart, and spoke to her social worker at AseraCare to see if she could take a visit just for herself. Otha was looking for new spring clothes. But little did she know, Dreamweaver Foundation was planning something even more special for the woman who deserved more than just an outfit.

To find luxurious glamour and style in Omaha, the obvious choice is Von Maur. Joined by her social worker, aide, and volunteer, Otha was overwhelmed by the beauty of the store and all it had to offer her. Greeted warmly by her personal shopper, Evelyn, Otha was mesmerized by the combinations of outfits prepared for her. The dressing room was filled with smiles and laughter as Otha tried on new clothes, jewelry, scarves, hats and shoes. She was truly being treated as royalty.

After playing dress-up, Otha decided on a crème and black top with matching slacks, tied together with a pearl necklace and earrings. Sliding on her Mary Jane shoes to complete the look, Otha’s beauty was radiant. Instead of changing back into her original clothes, Otha loved how great she felt in her new outfit and simply decided to keep it on!

Strolling through Von Maur listening to the grand piano, gazing at the glittery necklaces, and touching fabrics soft and smooth, made Otha feel special. For a woman who spent years strolling aisles for others, Dreamweaver Foundation was able to provide the experience of self-celebration for Otha. Her girls-day shopping trip concluded with lunch from The Cheesecake Factory. A meal shared with her social worker, AseraCare aide, and volunteer was simply sweet. Having a whole day dedicated just to Otha was something she hadn’t done in a long time, but it surely was a memorable experience.

Thank you AseraCare Omaha, Von Maur, and Midwest Medical for partnering with Dreamweaver Foundation to fulfill Otha’s Dream.