Ollie had been asking to go to the Zoo for a while. And she wanted it to be a sunny day that she could enjoy.  But with the unpredictable spring weather in Nebraska, that can be a challenge. Monica from Hillcrest Hospice nominated Ollie to receive her Dream when everyone was still wearing spring jackets in April. So, Dreamweaver planned a trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo for Ollie a few weeks away in sunny June.

And sunny it was! Ollie and her nursing friends rode in style in a limo from Royale Oaks to the front entrance of the Henry Doorly Zoo.  As she emerged from her swanky ride, the summer sun hit her face and gorgeous outfit. With bright red pants and a hat to shade her, she was ready for her Zoo adventure!

Ollie scooted around the twists and turns of the Zoo paths in an electric scooter. At times, you would have thought she was more excited for the fun of the scooter than going to the Zoo itself! Being diagnosed with CHF, sometimes it is challenging for her to move around long distances. But you wouldn’t have guessed it on this summer day. Ollie was happily buzzing around seeing all of the different animals and ecosystems.

The Zoo was busy that Friday afternoon with children and families. Ollie was grateful to be out and about enjoying her time with others. The summer day quickly turned a bit too warm, so everyone enjoyed cool drinks of water and resting in the shade.

The limo returned later that afternoon to pick up Ollie and her friends. They drove back home in the comfort of cool air conditioning. Ollie was grateful for the warm sunshine after many cold winter months and especially the wonderful memories of an adventure with the animals at one of the country’s top zoos.