Give A Gift of Hope

Anyone can nominate a Dreamer.

During COVID-19 and beyond, we are accepting Dreamer nominations for qualifying seniors to receive a GrandPad®, a simple computer tablet, so they can be with their loved ones virtually.

Nominate a Senior for a GrandPad

Nominate a senior for a “dream”—a life experience they will never forget—like a long-awaited fishing trip, family portraits or something on their bucket list.

Use Form Below to Nominate a Senior for a Dream

Together we can give the gift of togetherness and make dreams come true!

Nominate a Dreamer

Do you know a senior with a terminal illness?

Are they isolated from being with their family?

Do they have a life-long dream they can’t afford to fulfill?

Nominate them today!

Dreamer Qualifications

The Dreamer must be:

  • 55 years of age or older

  • living on a low income

  • diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness

  • approved by their physician to participate in the dream

  • a legal resident of the United States

  • able to experience the dream themselves

Before filling out the form, please make sure the senior you are nominating fits the qualifications. Once your nomination is submitted, someone from Dreamweaver will contact you within 5-7 business days.

Dreamer Nomination Form