Every weekend from September to February, you’ll find Nancy watching football. She likes college teams and NFL teams, and any team that can beat the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Both Saturday’s and Sunday’s are filled with positive cheers, hopeful crossed fingers, and maybe a sigh of disappointment. Nancy loves the highs and lows of a great football game.

Years ago, Nancy lovingly planned special events for her son Mark. He was diagnosed with leukemia at a young age and Nancy was inspired to re-create similar experiences to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. After he passed away, Nancy continued her passion for helping terminally ill children by organizing wishes in Council Bluffs.

After being diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis, Nancy was curious if there was an organization similar to Make-A-Wish, but for terminally ill seniors. She saw the happiness and magic a wish could provide for children, and was excited to experience this herself. With a helpful suggestion from her AseraCare Hospice team, Dreamweaver Foundation was grateful to provide an experience for a woman who had created abundant happiness for others.

Coincidentally, Nancy shared the same birthday as football’s biggest holiday—the Super Bowl. Wearing a new LA Rams sweatshirt—because rooting for the Patriots was not an option—Nancy celebrated her 77th birthday while watching the big game. With her hair styled in a new perm, she looked and felt radiant.

Alongside her husband, daughter, grandson and best friend, Nancy enjoyed a delicious lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s. Her family and friends shared a meal of salmon, burgers, and Nancy’s favorite salad bar. For so many years, Nancy had focused on celebrating others. Now it was time to celebrate her. Dreamweaver Foundation surprised Nancy with cake and balloons to finish the special lunch with her loved ones.

While Nancy and family were away, Dreamweaver Foundation was busy stocking the home fridge with Super Bowl snacks. There was enough meat and cheese, vegetables, and chips and dip for everyone to share while watching the Rams and Patriots play.

With great enthusiasm, Nancy exclaimed, “It was fantastic!” when speaking about her day. A birthday spent with two things she loved—football and family—was exactly what she deserved. For a woman who spent her life making others feel special, Dreamweaver Foundation was grateful for the opportunity to give Nancy an unforgettable experience.

Thank you AseraCare and Ruby Tuesday for partnering with Dreamweaver Foundation to fulfill Nancy’s Dream.