Walking into the room to visit Nancy Neher, you cannot help but feel the positivity and artistic beauty surrounding her. Nancy is a local Omaha artist who spent her career creating beautiful works of art, enjoyed by so many. For her Dream, Nancy wanted to spend the day visiting the places in Omaha she treasures the most, taking her favorite people along for the ride.

Nancy wanted to look her best when she visited her favorite places during her Dream. With the help of Evelyn at Von Maur, and channeling her artistic flair, Nancy donned a vibrant blue and purple dress, accessorized with a new necklace. To complete the look, TLC Home Health Care assisted Nancy in doing her hair for the big day.

Chauffeured around Omaha in a luxurious limo provided by VIP Limo, Nancy and her entourage enjoyed making stops on her trip down “memory lane.” The first stop was at Nancy’s church, Church of the Cross, which brought back many fond memories for Nancy and her children. During their tour around town, the family also stopped for donuts and coffee. Their final stop was Nancy’s home. Once Nancy and her family were back in their old neighborhood, Nancy received a delightful and warm welcome from her neighbors. She was able to reconnect with her friends and reminisce on the fond memories shared between them. Nancy thoroughly enjoyed her Dream of spending the day with her family and taking a trip down “memory lane.”