With her new cowgirl hat and sunglasses on, Myrna stepped into her VIP Limo on a hot summer evening. Friends, family, and volunteers gathered to escort Myrna to the concert she had been anxiously awaiting for many months—her favorite, Willie Nelson.

When you say “Willie Nelson” to Myrna, she will automatically start singing “On the Road Again” with a big smile across her face. She listened and danced to his tunes over many decades and loved his easy-going way of life. He was a country rock star and she was his biggest fan.

The concert was held at the Pinewood Bowl Amphitheater in Lincoln, Nebraska, an outdoor venue with a big grass seating area and surrounded by trees. What a wonderful place to enjoy the music! Myrna had wheelchair accessible seating so she had a terrific view of her all-time favorite country musician up on stage. She sang and swayed along with each tune, laughing and smiling with the crowd around her. It was a Dream come true.

A few days after the concert, Shannon from Sumner Place said Myrna was still talking about her evening at the concert, seeing the man of her Dreams! She has wonderful new memories of her old favorite songs.