Weddings are times to celebrate and gather with friends and family, creating new memories while being surrounded by love. Millie knew how important weddings were and she knew she wanted to be part of her oldest daughter’s big day. For her Dream, Millie would travel to Florida with her son and daughter-in-law for a weekend getaway of fun.

Dressed beautifully from head to toe in bright blue and sleek black, Millie enjoyed every minute with her family in the sunshine state. From holding newborn babies to hugging old friends, she was grateful for this special time. The ceremony was full of love, and watching her daughter with flowers in her hair, marry the man of her dreams was truly a dream come true!

There were times Millie became emotional, knowing that was she was experiencing was rare and spectacular. Quality time with family doesn’t always happen frequently, and she was grateful to have four full days of time. The photos reveal a smiling face, gentle gestures, and true celebration.

Millie returned to the Midwest with her son and daughter-in-law to a little bit cooler temperatures but a much warmer heart, filled with new memories of her loving family.

Thank you to VIP Limo, Von Maur, and Travel and Transport for making this Dream possible for Millie.