A giant bouquet of red roses was delivered to Mike one August afternoon. But the flowers weren’t for him. They were for his girlfriend, Peggy, because Mike’s Dream was to share in a romantic date night with the one he loved.

Mike was very specific on how he wanted his date night to happen—he knew what to do! He wanted to re-create a night at the movies. Dreamweaver sent Mike a DVD player with five romantic comedies, popcorn and Hot Tamales to simulate being at the theater, something he used to enjoy in years past.

To cozy up, Mike received a plush velvet blanket, a rose hibiscus candle, some lotion and chocolates. He was even able to give Peggy a necklace to show his admiration for her. Mike was really setting the mood for a romantic evening. He was definitely a charmer!

Mike and Peggy shared a prime rib dinner together and enjoyed each other’s company. It was nice to do something out of the ordinary.

The couple was grateful for the experience and Mike’s Dream only solidified the love they had for each other.