Full of spunk and surprise, Maxine McKee knew how to keep everyone laughing. From Dreamweaver’s first interaction with her, we were drawn to her extensive knowledge of Soap Operas, innocent funny jokes about her caretakers, and her self-proclaimed title, “Boss of this place”.

Joined by her social worker Monica, Hillcrest aide Malea, and Dreamweaver staff, Maxine enjoyed an afternoon treating herself. The dream began by eating pancakes and sausage at her favorite Village Inn. Years ago, Maxine had visited this specific Village Inn (at 4416 Dodge to be exact) with others for social time. The girls sat around the table and chatted about favorite foods, television shows, and children.

After her warm meal, Maxine headed to Wal-Mart. With a $500 gift card in hand, she was able to stroll the aisles and choose whichever items she wished. Wandering the large store was always a favorite activity of Maxine’s and she was impressed by how many products were offered.

At first, she was hesitant to load the cart. But after some gentle encouragement, Maxine was pointing to different items and had all her helpers piling up the goods. From beauty products, to sweet treats, to warm socks and new shoes, Maxine was loading the cart with items that brought her happiness.

The most significant of her purchases was a brand new 32-inch flat screen television. Maxine knew the title and time of every daytime soap opera—and she made it known that “no one messes with my soap time” in a joking manner. Her TV at River City was in need of a serious update, so she was thrilled when she could purchase an item that would improve the quality of her recreational time.

After two hours of strolling, laughing, and selecting items, it was time to head home. Dreamweaver staff brought in her new belongings and happily organized them in drawers and shelves. Maxine enjoyed her afternoon of exploration and can’t wait to watch her soap operas on a high-quality flat screen TV.

Thanks to Village Inn, Midwest Medical, Monica, and Malea for making Maxine’s dream possible.