Max went fishing with his boys every year. Right at the beginning of spring, as the ice began to melt off the lake, the boys took out a boat and went fishing. Rain or shine, they cast their lines and hoped to win the catch of the day.

Fishing was an integral part of Max’s life and a tradition he loved to share with family. He’d fished all over—different lakes and streams—finding relaxation and joy in the simple act dropping a hook in the water. When Makenzie from Hillcrest Hospice spoke to Max about his past fishing adventures, his eyes lit up. She knew it would be a dream come true if Max could go out on the water again.

On a beautiful June evening, Max and his family joined Live Well Go Fish at Lake Wanahoo to ride in the wheelchair accessible boat. He was supported and surrounded by loved ones; his son even drove 150 miles to be with him to fish that night.

Captain David Ruder guided Max to the right spot! Between himself, his son and son-in-law, they were catching over a dozen fish just in the first hour. Max smiled when he felt the slippery slime of bluegill and was thrilled with the rod in his hand.

The sunset was stunning that evening and the family enjoyed a boat ride back to the dock, nostalgically reflecting on Max’s fishing adventures both old and new.