Dreamweaver Foundation first met Mary in February of 2020, when she was nominated to receive a Dream by Tammy at Hooper Care Center. Tammy told us about Mary’s love for all things Irish, and the bright lights of a big city.  We had plans to help Mary to see her favorite group, Celtic Woman, perform in Omaha.  It should have been perfect: the tickets were purchased, Mary chose a beautiful outfit to wear to the show, the limo was booked, and the table at her favorite restaurant was reserved.  But COVID squashed our well laid plans—forcing Mary to hold off on h

er Dream until further notice.

Flash forward to March 2021—we reached back out to Mary, and we learned that the anticipation of her Dream had given her the motivation during the pandemic to work hard in physical therapy.  Mary told us that having something to look forward to is what helped her stay positive during a difficult and lonely year.  Unfortunately, the Celtic Woman Show was rescheduled for the summer of 2022—but fortunately, Mary’s positive attitude and flexibility allowed her to come up with a great Plan B!

Adhering to continued health and safety protocols, we planned a fun night out for Mary, her friend, and a couple members of her care team.  A private limo escorted Mary and her group to Omaha.  Mary laughed, saying that they turned quite a few heads on their ride into town—even getting a truck driver to honk at them as they waved through the dark tinted windows.

The group enjoyed the Old Market experience, as they dined al fresco on Spaghetti Work’s spacious patio.  Next, their limo driver whisked them away for a private shopping experience at Beyourself Boutique.  On a whim, and to further celebrate being out on the town after a long year of lockdown with her dream on hold, Mary and her group decided to close out the night with a carriage ride through the Old Market. On the limo ride back to Hooper, the group noshed on Mary’s favorite dessert, chocolate cupcakes with German Chocolate frosting—the icing on the cake of an unforgettable evening!

We could not have made this dream come true without a little help from our friends!  Dreamweaver would like to extend our gratitude to Beyourself Boutique for extending store hours just so that Mary could enjoy a private VIP shopping experience.  Mary told us that she felt like a “celebrity princess” and that she didn’t want the night to end.