Cyndi from Sumner Place shared a story. She had been a nurse for Mary Brown for quite some time, and she said they always joked about “getting out of here” with a laugh and a smile. For Mary, that meant taking a trip to go shopping. Cyndi knew how much it would mean to Mary to have a day out on the town.

When Shannon from Sumner Place heard about Cyndi and Mary’s plan, he nominated Mary to receive a Dream. With the help of Sumner Place’s transportation, some spending money, and nurses and friends, Mary was “out of here” to go shopping at the mall.

Mary, nurse Cyndi, Carson, and Carson’s daughter spent a wonderful afternoon at Gateway Mall in Lincoln. They strolled through all the different stores, enjoying the unique and lovely variety of merchandise displayed in each.  Mary picked out a new pair of jeans and a blanket. After their busy shopping, the gals enjoyed some pizza.

They snapped some great photos of their girl’s day out on the town. Their smiles so big and bright—showing their excitement and gratitude for the day. Carson’s daughter summed up their shopping trip perfectly, “It’s all about the memories!”.

Thank you to Sumner Place for making Mary’s Dream possible.