Family is the most important part of Mary’s life.

Mary grew up on an Indian reservation in Cherokee, NC before moving with a few friends to the beautiful waters of Pensacola, FL.  Mary fell in love with beach life and spent the next 35 years with sand between her toes.

Florida will always have a special place in her heart, that’s where she started her family.  She raised her two daughters, Vicky and Angie on the sandy beaches of the Gulf waters.  When Vicky was planning a move to North Carolina, Mary didn’t have any second thoughts about staying in Florida.  She was excited for the next adventure in her life, just as Vicky was.  North Carolina became home again for the next 25 years.  Then, after a short year in New York City with Vicky and her family, Mary continued her adventures, moving to Omaha to be closer to her youngest grandson.

Mary hadn’t been in Omaha for more than a few days when she fell ill.  She spent weeks in the hospital, learning her COPD was worsening and then receiving the unimaginable diagnosis of lung cancer.

During the next year she fought, all while continuing to do the hobbies she loved: reading, cooking and baking.  At 81 years old and receiving care from Pathways to Compassion Hospice, Mary is still taking care of the people she loves by making her favorite meals and desserts.  The deal is, if she cooks, the rest of the family will handle cleanup and doing the dishes.  Mary gladly accepts, as cleaning is her least favorite hobby.

When Inga from Pathways to Compassion Hospice learned that Mary hasn’t seen her granddaughter in four years, she wondered how to make Mary’s dream come true.  With Dreamweaver Foundation’s help, Mary’s granddaughter and two great-grandchildren drove from Florida to spend a week with their loved one in Nebraska.

Cooking, baking, playing board games and watching movies filled the week as they enjoyed their time together recalling old memories of good times together and creating lasting new memories.

Thank you, Pathways to Compassion Hospice for partnering with Dreamweaver Foundation to fulfill Mary’s Dream.